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Saturday, November 13, 2010

About Kusma

Kusma is the headquarter of Parbat District, one of a district among 75 districts in Nepal, which lies in the western part of Nepal just about 57 Km away from one of a famous city of Nepal, Pokhara.Kusma falls under Western Development Region and Dhawalagiri Zone of Nepal.It is located at 28°13'60N 83°40'60E at an altitude of 1294 meters.Kusma belongs to Shiwalaya Village Development Committee (VDC) while being in under consideration of the proposal to be recognized as Municipality. Kusma Bazaar is the main attraction of Kusma which seats in the inclined narrow strip on the top of two river's banks, Kaligandaki and Modi.

It begins from the base of Durlung hill from where it stretches to Chamarke toward Baglung in the North West and to Chuwa VDC towards Pokhara in the Eastern North. Kusma bazaar's long narrow strip ends towards the South where two rivers Kaligandaki from Northwestern side and Modi from North Eastern side meet each other.
From the time of horse and mule transportation Kusma has been an en route between Pokhara and Baglung. Settlers and shoppers had started to exist in this area from that time while the local farm owners were settling there long before. The ancient time of the area seems been spent in agriculture and local trade. As the new settlers and local tardies arrived to use this en route spot for their business slowly the township has been grown to a rural urbanization. After it's been declared the headquarter of Parbat district the business and settlements in this tiny land has been increased to huge numbers. Recently constructed the highest suspension bridge in the country has been a pride of every Kushmely people which links Pipaltari VDC and the Western side of Kushma Bazaar. Kushma is also known in the country as the home of mysterious Gupteswor cave.

Transportation Kushma Bazaar is linked with the national road network by Pokhara Baglung Highway. Buses are the main way of transportation in Kushma. Some small size automobiles and jeeps are used as of cab services within Kushma Bazar area and some nearby locations. Motorbikes are popular among young Kushmely roadies. Number of private cars in Kushma has bloomed in recent years. The Balewa airport at Balewa of Baglung district which is just next to Kushma across the Kaligandaki river was closed as the road transportation became popular and cheap. Now re-opening of the airport is under consideration.

The Tallest Suspension Bridge joining many VDC's of Parbat to Kusma.

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